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The Heart Of A Blender – Learn About The Motor

On the outside a blender can have any form or shape. It can be radical like those from Ninja or it can be conventional like Osters. However, the heart of any blender, its motor is probably the one area

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    Recalled Blenders Over the Years – A Look at Some Blender Blunders

Recalled Blenders Over the Years – A Look at Some Blender Blunders

Advancement in technology has led to the advancement of kitchen tools as well. Gone are the days when people suffer cuts and injuries from using manual blenders that they have to assemble. Now, with just the push of a

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    Will It Blend – The Most Exciting Viral Marketing Tactic Yet

Will It Blend – The Most Exciting Viral Marketing Tactic Yet

With more than 300 million views on Youtube, the BlendTec series of videos under the heading, ‘Will it Blend?’ has truly become one of the biggest internet sensations. With the amount of popularity the video is getting, it is

History of Blenders

Nowadays, one rarely sees a kitchen without a blender. This is more so for households that tend to live a healthier lifestyle. Funny how a ubiquitous device can be put to so many uses and can so easily become

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    Blender vs Juicer vs Food Processor – Why A Blender Still Matters

Blender vs Juicer vs Food Processor – Why A Blender Still Matters

Technology is an ever changing part of life, one that shapes and influences our daily activities and our future interests. The kitchen too is not left behind by modern technology. Take for example a particular breed of kitchen appliances

How to Clean a Blender

A blender is one of the most utilized kitchen devices today and life without it seems so hard. However, in order to fully maximize the benefits it can give you, you must know how to take care of it.

How To Blend Juices

Celebs lead the way when it comes to a healthy lifestyle (well not all but most at least!). One particular activity commonplace among them is juicing and not just juices in tetra packs but fresh juicing right at home.

The Importance of Having Your Own Baby Food Blenders

Did you know that blenders can also be used to make baby food? The fact that they can liquefy solids, puree anything put inside is what makes them great baby food processors. Unlike a juicer or food processor, blenders

High Performance Blenders

Even with the popularity of the viral internet series “Will it Blend?,” there is yet doubt on the ability and need for expensive performance blenders. Some still do not have any idea what makes it different from the blenders

How to Make Your Blender Last a Long Time

Whether it is a cheap or expensive type of blender, it is still important to take care of it. Blenders can last a really long time, sometimes even going beyond a decade of regular use without ever showing signs

Decide Whether To Use A Blender Or A Food Processor

Blenders today are commonplace in every household. It is the ultimate assistant in preparing loads of dishes, party drinks and even baby food. With a blender, you can grind up spices, mash vegetables, crush ice and fruits and turn

Few Tips To Use Your Blender Efficiently

Electrical devices have a funny way to going bad and a blender is no different. Left uncared for and unmaintained it too can crumble over time. From simple cooking, mixing drinks to serving guests with food and top-notch quality

Types of Blenders

Many regard blenders as just another handy appliance at home. If you aren’t a kitchen enthusiast, chances are you wouldn’t know that there exists different types of blender. Each type has a different purpose and it is important that

The Versatility Of A Food And Drink Blenders

Folks today have become health conscious so much so that the rise of health programs, exercise and lifestyle regimes keep popping up at an alarming speed. A part of the trend for a healthier lifestyle is the drastic change

Juicing Vs Blending: Which One Is Better?

Many people, even those who are already familiar with both blenders and juicers, still find themselves asking what makes the two different. For those who aren’t so much an enthusiast in the kitchen, they see the devices merely as